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Plz go on this link and fill the blaks http: I am very interested in it. I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Please email me any info on Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Thank you so much. Dear Kam, Please start your online course as we are trying to get a spot in the Gordon Head community centre.

Please keep in touch with me. You can find the class details in Pennsylvania from the following link. Hi Hayley, at the moment there are no planned events in Banff, although there are a number of regular weekly classes in the Calgary area. If you send a message to contact[at]freemeditation. Hi Jennifer, at the moment there are no classes in London, ON.

Your next best bet might be the classes in Waterloo more details here. Hi Jen, yes there are. Details for meditation classes in London are here: I live in Austin,TX and really interested in sahaja yoga. Please take a look at the following web site regarding the meditation classes in Austin, TX http: Hello my friend and I we were introducted to Spontanous Meditation in Yorkton saskatchewan on Sunday the Feb 28 Now we are attending the class every Tuesday evening.

I like to share my last experience with all of you. Last meditation during my awaking I saw a light with a great warm energie and I ask who there a voice said you are meeting MANU wow was a vibration no words can not explain.

I am still at a bliss stage ommmmm…. Love and jOY be on your path. I was searching for Sahaja Meditation because i read that it could help stop smoking. Please i need your advise, and would highly appreciate if you tell me how to start and what to do exactly.

And is it true that Sahaj Mediation and awakening of kundalini could really make me stop smoking?? Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

It is a fact that you can easily quit smoking with regular practise of Sahaja Meditation. Kundalini purifies and clears all the impurities within the body thus the desire or attachment to smoking vanishes. I recommend you attending a local Sahaja Meditation class or take our online course.

Please follow the link for the list of Sahaja Yoga meditation classes in India. I really enjoy my groupclasses and i would not like to miss the support of my weekly meditation in group. Can anyone tell me if there is a class nearby? Please take a look at the link which shows the class locations in Washington. Please check the link for the SY classes in Toronto.

I would like to learn sahaja yoga, meditation, and to better my spiritual awareness. Where could I go? Is there groups or a community of people I could get in touch with?

Please check the following link for the Sahaja Yoga meditation classes in California area. Here is the link Pretty. Hi, I am a Sahajayogi from India. I am in Tokyo for a while and will like to know the centres in Tokyo. Please help me with the centres in Tokyo. I am a sahajyogi from India. Came to tokyo last month. Even i am looking for centres here. If you find any centres please let me know.

I am staying in Kawasaki, kanagawa. This is my contact No. Vikram Chandna October 7th, Sumanmaurya February 27th, Erwan Lesigne March 20th, Here is a link below which provides you with all the classes in Uttar Pradesh: Sahaja Yoga has transformed my life with noticeble changes within me after just a few sessions.

I am a much happier person, am able to deal with stressful situations amazingly better which has helped improve my communication, productivity and enthusiasm. I am completely focused on what I need to do, my purpose and have rediscovered the beauty of life.

Here is the link for the classes in Sydney http: I stumbled across a comment on a forum about Kundalini awakening tonight when I was looking for some answers about a crawling sensation but sort of like a big spider was sitting on my back…? But anyway so I was intrigued, read into it and here I am. Now thanks to this website I know of the practise of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and where I can go to learn more classes, etc.

It was wonderful and has made me want to pursue this method of stress relief. If you know any where in Sierra Leone please direct me.

If there is any courses there? You can go to this link http: There you will find the location of the meditatioin centre. Till that time you go to the centres you can do a online mediatation by going to this link http: You can also go to the http: In Sahaja Yoga Thoughtless awareness is the state. Once kundalini passes through agnya chakra seeker get this state of thoughtlessness. Regularly practicing sahaja yoga meditation will bring this state permanently.

But there is no limitation of time seeker can achieve this in few months may be in few years. Vishuddi is the chakra where human become collective, so it is important to attend collectivity once in a week. You can ask sahaja yogies or coordinator at your center how to clear this chakra.

Hi, I hope this may help you: After a few days of practicing sahaja yoga, I felt my kundalini rise up spontaneously during my meditation. It felt warm and tingly and it released through the top of my head. I feel like I have to start all over again though… Do you think my kundalini is still awakened?

And can I combine this meditation with chakra meditation? Jai Shree Mata ji…. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.

It will always be useful to read content from other writers and use a little something from their websites. It is indeed your spirit expressing itself as well as the way your Kundalini expresses Herself too. My elder brother and his family is already practicing the sahajyoga for few years in the Ranchi , Jharkhand center.

Here is a link that provides you all addresses in Pune: Is there any sahaj yogacentre of shri nirmala devi in dhuram, North carollina. Please tell me urgently. Find below a link with all classes in Andhra Pradesh: If not so, could you please tell us where you live so that we can better guide you?

I am looking for a meditation program for my 12 year old grandson who has ADHD. Any help will be most appreciated. Here below are two links about Sahaja Yoga in the States and more specifically then, in Sacramento: Please let me know the address and contact number for Sahaja yoga Penang. I tried the email ID given here, http: But no one responded to my email, Please help me with the number. I am traveling to Penang next month for few months of work.

There is a few phone numbers that you can try, should you have anymore problem feel free to ask, Warm regards,. See below all the other addresses that you can find in BC: Hi, I would just like to ask if some of this is mind over matter. I have been practicing meditation since August of I have chronic general anxiety which has over the years become a patterned thought process.

I so desparately want to let this go and there is a knowing inside of me that if I could just connect spiritually everything else seems to fall in place but my constant negative chatter gets in the way even though I meditate.

Any comments would be truly appreciated. Meditating morning and evening as well as doing footsoaking is excellent. The question is do you manage to be in a thoughtless state when you do so? Footsoaking is the first layer and so is thoughtlessness.

That way no anxiety whatsoever remains, no stress, no unsatisfaction, no all bad feelings. It means that you are completely at the center. Anxiety is many things but it is an Ego projection on a first place.

Listen to that it will help you: Yes, I know anxiety is an ego projection. I have a very self defeating mind many times. I have had moments where everything seems to settle and everything feels right, I call it my click moments. I will do as you suggested and thanks for the youtube, I will check it out right now…. Meditate on that chakra, everyday too. When Ego is powerful, self defeat is a common result of it. We feel inadequate, not able. And believe in it, therefore believe in yourself.

Ultimately you can put ice on your Ego to cool it down. For practising Sahaja yoga, is it necessary that one should discontinue to worship deities? Sir, I live in Pakistan and want to learn and exercise Sahaja yoga. Please tell me and help me how can I learn it. Une évaluation et un entretien avec les animateurs responsables sont des préalabes incontournables Pendant les 4 années de formation, un stage annuel organisé par la FFHY Nationale, complète l'enseignement.

Ces stages permettent d'approcher des personnalités venues de l'Inde et de partager leurs expériences; ainsi que des conférenciers spécialisés. Une cinquième année est possible avec un minimum de 48H de formation afin d'effectuer un meilleur accompagement pour l'élaboration du mémoire de fin de cycle.

L'Enseignement spirituel est une pratique totalement intégrée au yoga. Soyons les créateurs de notre existence par la prise de conscience du véritable libre-arbitre qui nous en offre le possible L'Universalité de l'Enseignement et des Pratiques de Yoga.

Accueil Animateurs Galerie photos Pedagogie photos Contact 1. La dimension universelle dans les pratiques de Yoga Méditation guidée - Conférence - par Swami Veetamohananda Concert de chants spirituels par Naren et Sarada Les philosophies du Yoga - Vedanta - Tantra seront développées par année et pour les auditeurs-libre l'accès est totalement ouvert Lieu: Infos et inscriptions auprès de Michèle ou Paul au 06 62 55 07 Une Meilleure Qualité de Vie au Travail et en dehors est possible grâce aux bienfaits du yoga.

Pendant le Festival CIRCa , des ateliers gratuits à la maison du festival, les samedi 21, dimanche 22, lundi 23, mardi 24, vendredi 27 et samedi 28 de 10h à 11h. Si vous y travaillez, venez avec votre tapis! Deux cours enfants pendant la Toussaint, les mercredi 25 octobre et 1er novembre à 16h. Stage yoga et hanches le 11 novembre. Retrouvez les horaires des cours collectifs et les tarifs. Retrouvez les horaires des cours collectifs.

La pages des tarifs a été mise à jour. Retrouvez-moi également à la Foire aux Sports et aux Associations le weekend du 9 et 10 septembre. Profitez de ces deux semaines pour venir essayer un ou plusieurs cours. Le mardi à 18h au Studio by Movida — cours prénatal. Les cours collectifs ouverts à tous sont donc:.

Avec Aurélie du Studio VitaForme on réfléchit à des nouveaux horaires à vous proposer à la rentrée en septembre! Vous cherchez un cadeau pour cet ami e spécial e? Pourquoi pas 1 ou plusieurs cours de yoga?

Contactez-moi pour des cartes cadeaux! Dans le cadre du Festival CIRCa , 3 cours gratuits ouverts aux bénévoles les lundi 24, mercredi 26 et vendredi 28 de 10h à 11h.

Si vous êtes festivalier cette année, apportez votre tapis et pensez à vous inscrire auprès du festival, les places sont limitées! Le dimanche 30, dans le cadre de la journée sportive proposée par VitaForme , venez découvrir dans une ambiance chaleureuse et conviviale le yoga et les autres activités proposées!

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